Steer settings for tractor profile occasionally reverting back to original values

I am having some issues on Version 6.3.0 where some of my tractors settings I input are not retained when shutting down the tablet and starting up AOG at a later date. For example, I set my ackermann value to 90 for a particular tractor profile, but when I come back to the application after powering cycling the tablet, that same value from the same profile reverts back to 100. The same thing occurs with various other settings from time to time. I am starting to wonder if this may be caused by any AOG version conflicts after installing the latest version. For the last few updates, my process prior to installing the new AOG program has been to delete the main application folder but leave the autogenerated folder in MyDocuments alone in order to retain my tractor and field data. Would it be advisable to instead clear all contents related to AOG from AppData as well as erase all data in MyDocuments when migrating to a new version and just have all my settings recorded somewhere as a backup? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Can you try again with the latest release? Is it losing the setting after loading another vehicle in-between or just from closing and reopening AOG?

Just from closing and reopening AOG I believe. It may be both though I’ll have to check that out next time I load a different profile and then go back to the previous one.

Would purging the appdata folder of previous aog versions resolve an issue like this?

Let me know what happens when you try the newest version.

Once cropping is done I will look into updating to 6.3.1 then let you know.