Steering bracket and motor for CASE MAXXUM 100 '09

Hello, i just starting building my own gps, and have some difficultyes finding my perfect fit on my tractor(case maxxum 100 X-line '09).
Also, if someone from Europe(Eastern Europe) sees this, please recomand an electric engine that would work, cuz the phidgets are not available for my country, or even if they are, the transport costs are too big.
Looking for some 3d models to hook up on this tractor.


I am happy with it. 5.2 Rate 950rpm 12V

How much PWM noise do you hear from this motor?

@Vili do you use this motor with PotatoFarmers Universal gear assemby or have you changed the gearing?

I have heard most recomed the 24V version over the 12V version. You thing 12V version has enough power?

No i use, my personal design. But this motor is very similar to phidgets. Perfect rate 5:1

Yes, that’s enough, it’s more powerful than phidgets. But one consumes more too.


Nothing, I just hear a little noise from the plastic gears