Steering module not working

Hello I updated to the latest version of agopen but am still using the “old” steering pcb with arduino and separate gps/panda module. I have both connected over Usb.
I can’t get my steering module working (not responding, it shows com port but when connected no numbers show up in agio and nothing happens). I loaded the steering nano with .ino that is in the support folder.

I’ve had a similar issue with v2 board (updated ino) and latest update but am also unable to get rtk fix. Tried using version I was using before and works fine.

Had a tinker with it and seems to be fine now

what solved the problem?

I’m not sure, came to use the tractor to spread fertiliser today and bno connected to steering board wasn’t working - could be a hardware issue as a bno +nano connected via usb worked fine.

tried one again today, loaded latest Autosteer_USB_v571 to the nano on V2 board and all works.
It doesn’t show numbers next to steering wheel in agio when connected so it looks like nothing happens.
Also loaded latest Autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5 in teensy and all worked (get rtk direct into f9p by radio)
Made a little test run and all I had to change was invert roll. So I hope all will be ok!

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