Steering Problem

Hello everyone,

I have an Aio V4.5 STD board and Baraki Valve. I´ve built everything according to the instruction, but I think I messed something up.
My Problem:
I tested autosteer, but the tractor only steers to the left. WAS, Counts per Degree and Ackerman is all set up correctly. If I change the motor direction it disengages the autosteer right away.

If I turn the tractor off and set the steering angle to the right, it shows constantly 140 PWM, but about 4V at the left pin and 0,2V at the right pin

If I set the steering angle to the left, the PWM changes from 0 to 140 to 0 and so on. Also the steering angle from the WAS changes between 0 and -35 degrees and the board makes a strange sound.

I think I messed something up with the wiring or the soldering!
I would appreciate if someone knows an answer!

I’m not familiar with using a valve. Are you using cytron to control valve? Do you have pictures of board/ wiring? You don’t have any wires from cytron grounded do you? Can check continuity to ground with ohm meter to be sure. The sound coming from board could be the smoke about to come out. :grin: Take care not to burn it up before you find problem.

I’m using a Cytron. Is there any way to test if the Cytron is working properly? While pushing MB the Err Led on the Cytron lights up.

Cytron does not have a left and right pin. It have pwm and dir. But ibt_2 have left and right. Have you told AOG you use cytron? Or ibt_2?
And are you sure the AIO board were connected at the time you clicked send for those settings?

Yes I told AOG its a Cytron. I meant the left and right pin in the 32 pin Amp seal connector.
I tested the Cytron on its own and it doesn’t light up the err led, only when plugged into the board the Cytron lights up the err led while pressing MB button

Check and explain your wiring, could be a shortcut that light the err led.

I suppose you mean ampseal 23 pin. Did you wire the way the github wiki suggest?

I think I wired everything like the wiki said, but I’m checking the wiring now, because on my test bench the err led doesn’t light up

So I found the error causing the err led to flash and fixed it, but the tractor still only turns left. I measured the voltage on both valve spools left and right, both recieve 12v depending on the direction I set. I changed the connectors on the valve and the same happens in the other direction

What does that mean? Does it steer right now, or does it still only steer left no matter how you connect?

It steers to the right now. Another interesting thing I detected is that the WAS 5V output un the board changes its voltage to about 7V while trying to steer to the left. While steering to the right it doesn’t do that. I think the problem is somewhere on the board

Then you should do the test procedure again.!

I have to correct myself. The 5V problem doesn’t occure on the test bench, only on the tractor. Could the problem be that I’m using Pin1 5V WAS for the WAS and also for the pressure sensor on the Valve? If so, how should I power the sensor?

According to the wiki, that is the correct way. I can not explain 5v becomes 7v, unles you have wired it incorrect. So first try to unplug the 3 wire connector at the pressure sensor. And see if everything else works, except the pressure turn off autosteer

Could you explain this a bit? Are you using High and Low WAS?

After testing the wiring 3 times I found the problem. A connector under the cabin didn’t fully connect. Thanks for the help