Steering randomly veering right

Was cultivating today and everything was going good, following the AB line really good. However later in the day the steering started veering to the right randomly and then was very slow to return to AB line. Anyone had any experience with something similar or any ideas what it could be? Using an AIO micro with a baraki valve.

I have a panda system, and yesterday my bno suddenly stopped working, and AOG got stuck at 75 degree roll, sending me hard to right :joy:. So next time you should check what roll is showing when it happens. A short (bad) roll value will make the roll algorithm take a tour to the side for a while. Also if bno heading shift, then the IMU GPS mix algorithms take a slow turn to the side and slowly back again.
I suspect my issue was due to bad connections somewhere,(from bno to teensy) because Gps signal from panda and autosteer from nano still worked with antenna hight set at 0 m in AOG! After restart of panda later, roll was correct again.
I also have valve, so don’t think your problem relates to the valve.

I’ll keep an eye on that tomorrow, thankfully i wasn’t sent hard right just a slow veer off and back on :joy: will that show up on the roll correction graph?

Did it look like your WAS signal was still good?

Yeah it didn’t appear to be doing anything out of the ordinary