Steering sensor, yield meter

Hello, in Poland we have something similar to AgOpen gps, it is a hydrasystem, they have a nice solution because the steering sensor is based on a gyroscope which determines the value of how the wheels are turned when turning, a nice possibility would be to adapt such a sensor to Agopen, Raven has it in its offer for about 190 €, you just need to connect the cables, there is 5v out and gnd and you will probably need to slightly modify the code. Another idea would be to create a yield meter for agopen hydrasystem has one in its offer for 1200 €, however, it must work together with their monitor system and the board. for about 4.5 € he writes with such small ideas that you could use as the creator of this wonderful project

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nice to hear

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Do you have a link to the system and / or the software?

This “no WAS” option has been discussed before. I understand it has benefits in some cases where the steering implementation makes WAS installation pretty much impossible (like a tracked tractor?).

However, the WASless approach has many disadvantages with other vehicles. Avoiding WAS just because of the cost makes no sense.

There are several cases where the tractor does not steer exactly as expected for a given wheel angle. A WAS based system would not turn wheels until fully locked while the gyro based system would keep turning wheels e.g. if you are ploughing (driving in furrow) and autosteer wants to turn a couple of cm off the furrow. Most often it is better to have the true wheel angle info rather than trying to estimate it somehow.

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Hydra System I didn’t see the yield monitor though.

Thanks for the link. Looks like a commercial system. I thought it might be open source.

Interesting that there are so many of these products in addition to Chinese brands. I guess the huge price tag on the products from Trimble, Greenstar, Topcon etc. makes everyone believe they can make some serious profit out of their own products?

These products from well known brands must be cheap for tractor manufacturers, we just got a 9500 € discount for an RTK autosteer kit on an AGCO tractor (doesn’t mean it was cheap). These less known brands would not exist if the major brands would sell their products at a decent price.

I just wonder how much are these smaller companies using AgOpenGPS code for a shortcut?

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