Steering Timing

I’ll upload a video I took while another operator was at the controls. Basically what’s happening is Ag Open is creating an AB and following it.
When we turn the Steer off and turn around, going back down AB-1 the steering seems off, like appears to take a long while to bring itself back online and is quite agressive, and oscillates back and forth.

Possibly this could be due to settings in Vehicle Setup page I’m not sure, but I’ve mucked with wheel base and antenna forward back etc.
it’s fitted in a cab over MAN 4x4 rigid truck so Antenna is directly above steer axle. Wheel base is 4.5m. Antenna is 3m above the ground.
PCBv2 also has MMA8452 could it be a calibration issue?

The forum here isn’t allowing video to be uploaded, so I’ve put it on my drop box if anyone could take a look and give some feedback/advice it would be greatly appreciated.

It is difficult to draw conclusions from this film. If you posted a video with a view of the chart it would be easier to advise something.

What speed are you driving?
Looks like your pc has a hard time catching up with the drawing.CPU type?
What happens if you wait at end, before continuing AB line.