Steering wheel goes solid

Hi all, got my autosteer working today after a good while of trying, could never get it to work till I watched a video & realized I needed a field open.
I have A baraki valve fitted & all seems to work well, I have a lot of fine tuning to do yet to smooth things but I have a problem that when the steering is active the steering wheel goes solid, & I can’t disengage the autosteer with the steering wheel, have tried all sorts of settings in the steering wizard but doesn’t seem to change this problem.

Does your valve have a pressure sensor (3pin, purple) or a pressure switch (2 pin, screw adjustable).

Is it wired up? To what pin? What board are you using? What is the version of the board?

It is normal for the steering wheel to be locked during autosteer with this valve.

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As above if you have 3 pin pressure sensor you need to turn the pressure sensor on in the steer settings, if you have a 2 pin pressure sensor you need to turn the pressure switch on in the steer settings.

You will have to put a jumper on the PCB to select the above too.

Hello, i use a v2.5 AIO with a Baraki valve.
When I installed the valve I had a problem with disengage. I could not disengage steering wheel by hand and I need to push physical button or screen button to disengage.
The problem was that remote optocoupler breaks when I do autosteer wizard, The steer button must be in button, and the wizard by default sets it in switch.

I changed the optocoupler , set activation by button and I did´t have more problems

It’s a 3 pin purple, button is selected, pretty sure I have pressure selected but would need to double check that.
Jumpers I have below as pic shows?

@WildBuckwheat “It is normal for the steering wheel to be locked during autosteer with this valve.” surely that can’t be for safety reasons?

  • You don’t have the pressure jumper set in this picture.
  • AOG should be set to pressure.
  • “button is selected” - the button/switch setting has nothing to do with the pressure sensor.
  • The purple sensor should be connected to Ampseal pin 10 (double check).

Paraphrased from Baraki: with power removed from the valve the lock valves will spring return to allow orbital valve movement. In case of a broken spring, orbital valve pressure should be enough to move the lock valve spools to allow orbital valve movement. A locked steering wheel during autosteer is how it’s deigned to work. Once your sensor is working you won’t ever feel that its locked.

Noone would disagree that its a good idea to have a hard wired switch that kills all power for travelling on the road. An E-stop is not a bad idea either.

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Thanks for that, I think I have it as you described apart from the jumper.
Could you show me the jumper on this more detailed picture? Would be most helpful, thanks.

A 2.54mm jumper joining these two pins:

Thanks for that,much clearer now.

Sorted now, couldn’t get auto steer to engage after fitting the jumper, but the kick out force was set too low.

Haven’t used it in anger yet but a play in the yard it feels safer, and more user friendly.
Thanks all.

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