Step by step creation of guidance system for straddle tractors

Dear all,

I’m new on the forum, so, as an introduction, just a few words about me : I’m a French vines advisor in Burgundy, and I’m also running my family farm on my free time (so I used to use tractors and guidance on the fields).
I’m leading a thematic workshop on the theme of mechanical soil management with straddle tractor and on the possibility to automize as much as possible straddle tractors (old) to facilitate that work. We discuss about guidance as a way to help them on their work and I decided to animate some working group to understand guidance and to create some equipment based on open source elements.

I want to proceed step by step.

So, we first created a RTK rover to allows them to identify easily and with a high precision some elements on their vines (we have less the 1m inter rows). For that, I followed the tutorial of the Centipede networks.

For me, the second step is to use that rover rtk to make a simple guide bar to trace on a screen the working width and the direction of the tractor according to my guideline. On that point, we have an information on where we work with the tractor and the driver can compare is position to an AB line (or to a line created after a survey on the field with the rtk rover).

And finally I plan to replace the hand of the driver on the wheel by a motor. So I will get an Autopilot.

That’s the context.

Now here is my first question :

  • Is that possible to use my rover rtk as a GPS for my guide bar (and to be able to remove it from the tractor for my survey) ?

By advance thank you for your help :smiley: