Still trying!

Thankyou Wilbert and Richard for your thoughts.
I have downloaded U-center and found the firmware and Config tabs but can’t seem to get things going. When I paste the firmware file and press ‘go’ nothing much seems to happen and when I paste the ‘ortner’ link for the settings config it says it is getting no response and times out.?
Not getting any lat and long in the box to the right but suggests down at the bottom on the taskbar that it is connected on port 7 with a little green flashing light?
Sorry for the repetive call for help!

Found the ino files Wilbert thank you

Got he GPS going at last thankyou, and so AgOpen has loaded correctly with the ‘tractor’ buzzing around in the middle like a lost soul !
Next problem is loading the Autosteer code on to the Nano. I get; ‘programmer not responding’ and ‘not in sync’ ? I have tried changing the processor to ‘Old Bootloader’
Any thoughts please?
Thank you…

What type of arduino do you have? If not genuine but Chinese type, you might have to do something like holding down the button on arduino some seconds while powering up. I searched the faultcode and found an instruction for it, but can’t find it now as I have forgotten the faultcode I got.
Found this (not the same place but it mention what I did) :
You’ll notice a little “pause” just before the first line of avrdude: Send: 0 [30] [20] . Try uploading again and have you finger ready on the physical reset button of your Nano . Just the moment before the first avrdude: ... appears, press the reset button.
When you succeed, you’ll see the screen filling with all sort of gibberish, and ending something like this after a few seconds.

Thank you, I’ll try this tonight