STL for John Deere pillar CAN connector

Here’s my STL files for making a male connector to plug into the pillar on a John Deere tractor, such as a 7920. John Deere has used the same socket for years on many different models… The pillar socket contains the ISO bus CAN lines, and sometimes the tractor CAN lines, as well as power and ground. Normally a Greenstar monitor plugs into it. The pins I use with this plug are standard 1.6mm round Deutch pins. I use the higher-quality solid pins.

I printed these on an Ender 3 with PLA and the tolerances seem to work okay. Plugs in snugly, perhaps too snugly. Might be a good candidate for resin printing. The male plug body I print with support, plug side down. The rest can all be printed without supports.

Wish I could attach STL files directly. Ahh well. Here’s a link to a zip file:


great thanks. which pins did you use

Standard 1.6mm round Deutch pins. I use the higher-quality solid pins rather than hollow formed pins. They are close together in the plug so I solder the wires in and put heat shrink over them. They are held in just with friction, but you could fill the plug with epoxy after the wires are in.

I updated my zip file to include the female plug as well in case you wanted to make a pass through pigtail. Some time I’ll re-probe the pins and post a pin out.