STRSVR does not send data to Emlid

Hello, good afternoon.
I use RTLIB, STRSVR to connect my Ublox C099 F9P to Emlid caster. from U Center configure to send messages 1005, 1074, 1084, 1094, 1124 and 1230 (USB), the problem I have is that STRSVR connects with Emlid but does not send the data, when I register in Emlid and configure it in STRSVR and everything worked, I even tried to connect from AOG, from another device and I got RTK correction, but now I don’t know why it might not be sending the data.

that’s how it appears on the monitor

sorry for my writing, i am using google translate, thank you very much

Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I had been using STRSVR to serve data to the RTK2GO caster. If I add the emlid caster as another output, I have the same problem - my account shows that the mount point is online, but the data is all “none” in the table.

Try off and on on your mountpoint at Emlid

The truth is that I can’t prove more, I’m using rtk2go, although 2 weeks ago I was just able to test how the automatic steering works, I’m waiting for a few days of rain to start the first sowing of soybeans, sorry for the language

also use google translate, my rtklib/strsvr run on a small Windows, and send both to rtk2go, Emild and Centipete, 2 on each so I have one for Trimble and one for AOG, Emild knows mine also looks empty but there is data , however, there was no one on one, but then it turned off and on on Emild’s side, then it ran again. In AOG you can see if you receive data, you can also use SNIP /relay streams and see if something happens rtcm 3 viewer, hope it makes sense

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ok I’ll try it, thanks

I use an app called NTRIP checker for iOS.

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