Struggling adding sections to machine usb

I’m trying to run 12 sections through AOG and struggling with the code to read the relayHi byte. My plan was to use the analog pins for output to rows 9-12.

As I understand it, relayHi should contain the bits that control the upper 9-16 sections in AOG.
I’ve initialized the outputs with:
pinMode(A0, OUTPUT);

and then attempt to set the ports using the following:
if (bitRead(relayHi,4)) bitSet(PORTC, 0); //Analog Pin 0
else bitClear(PORTC, 0);

I’ve also tried pin 13 as a test.

It doesn’t seem like relayHi is getting sent from AOG, but I’m not sure how to test that and know just enough to be dangerous.

I’ve also tried Hagre and MTZ 's files, but no luck getting those to work either.


edit; I’m using an UNO rather than a Nano. I’ve run before with 8 sections, but would like at least 12

Well, I had to step away and do something else for a while. 12 sections seems to work with the attached file. Seasoned programmers can chuckle at how it was done, I wasn’t able to get direct to PORTC working, I am not a programmer.

Machine_USB_4.3.10_test2.ino (9.8 KB)