Success With Articulating Tractor

I started in the winter of 2018 by trying to use the bread board setup I kept trying to fiddle with that until about march of this year when i got PCB boards, soldered them all together and threw them in the tractor
(On a side note if your trying to set it up with a bread board please just save yourself the hassle and get the PCB it’s way simpler to setup and put together)


(upload://zRcTrhuw2iOvmTxwktj5JsiXB1M.jpeg) ![20200509_111942|690x388]

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(upload://lukureKnRu1ezVIawZqjecc2uqh.jpeg) ![20200509_111956|281x500]

(upload://igrb0xFhdt9cInJsGEzN4FAuMq0.jpeg) ![20200509_112034|690x388]

(upload://fCRdMc13y8Jwl1Mh41EFbSl9ju9.jpeg) ![20200509_112040|281x500]

(upload://yOBcxcKicSenx6qde2XmNp7c4sR.jpeg) ![20200509_112153|690x388]


I am using a stieger 9180 and it’s really cool because everything fits in the top of the roof to it’s like integrated GPS
Even the antenna is in the roof the only evidence of GPS in it is the screen

I am having one issue though
Sometimes the angle of the line will change depending on the heading of the tractor
Like say I’m going west it will be 90° but when I go east the line will change angle enough to leave a substantial strip

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