Surveying In a Base Station

Hi guys does anyone have a step by step guide on how to survey in a f9p for a Base Station ? Thanks

Not the Survey-In specifically, but there’s a guide on post-processing via IGN here: FreeRTK/ at main · lansalot/FreeRTK · GitHub

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I did according to this recommendation. I like it. A friend made a survey of the base, everything is clear.

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Thanks I’ll try it

You can also use: Precise Point Positioning or AUSPOS - Online GPS Processing Service | Geoscience Australia

Nrcan support both glonass and gps.

If you are using RTKbase it only support export of gps rinex files in v 2.3.4 atm.
Support for glonass and gps (nrcan) is coming in 2.3.5

If you what more presice calibration, extend logging from 24h to 48h.

Remember to a wait a few days after end of logging to get a RAPID result.

If you wait 3 weeks you can get a FINAL repport.

Emlid have some more info here about PPP: How PPP works | Reach RS/RS+

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