Swedish language support

I noticed that there’s not a swedish language package in aog at the moment (6.2). I have a friend who would like me to set up AOG on his tractor but I think he would prefer that run it in swedish as it’s his native language. Is there any work being done on language packages anymore? I found some old threads but there were no updates ther the last couple of years. I could possibly be of help to translate to swedish.


There are more questions about this. Also about Estonian.
You can look at this in the source code. Its a German translation.

I can’t speak or write Swedish.

Sorry for my late response. I’ve looked a little bit at the file you linked to. Would this be the only file that needs to be updated? Wouldn’t the menu need to be updated to so it’s possible to choose the swedish language. If I just translate the strings in this file to swedish and compile the program then it would speak swedish if I chose german but then It would only be for myself no one else could benefit from it.

Your right. It is a hack.
If you really want to change it


You can search in FormGPS.Designer.cs for menuLanguageDeutsch.

WinForms is really old. I prefer to spend my time on alternatives.

I know at one point there was an excel spreadsheet to translate languages. I also think that editing the source code was NOT the recommended procedure. But maybe one of the admins can give some clarification.

Its also not gonna work. The .csproj file needs also changes. I don’t like resource files.