Ive been using swiftnav piksi multi on the earthmoving side of things using OpenGrade. Dont see any discussion here on them. Was wondering what your thoughts are on this going forward are some of these cheaper options working well for everyone
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I would also be interested in open grade to direct a soilmax drainer. Do you think it’s possible?


Yes! but in this thread i was mostly wanting to discuss using swiftnav as an RTK source for AGopenGPS. For more on OPENGRADE you can go to the thread on COMBINE FORUM

Does anybody out there using ardusimple have any idea if it is as acurate as swiftnav pikis multi

I’d say they are probably just as accurate. Mine seems to work to within bout 2cm usually.

I see that the Swiftnav piksi multi has an onboard IMU… Does it provide an integrated, compensated NMEA output feed?

It has been a while since I have worked on this project. I got stuck when attempting to get heading from the second receiver. The software provides the calculated heading, but it seems like there was a format issue so it would not recognize it in AOG.

It can output the IMU information, but I don’t think the NMEA output is compensated.

It’s time to dig back into this and come up with some answers.image

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