Switching from gps to sim

Took agopengps 3.09 for a spin today, field boundary drawing.
Worked great.
Back at yard, thought I would do some A/B editing in the tractor…
Open field, go to use field position for sim, then clicked use sim… Disconnect gps message, disconnect gps, then re click use sim… Close and restart window appears, clicked ok, agopen closes…

Re start Agopengps……gps auto reconnect’s! And repeat…

Did try selecting a usb port with no gps, but it just auto connected, saying invalid data.

I know I could have tired unplugging gps usb, but try to keep usb unplugs to a minimum.

As long as your GPS port is a valid connection, it will keep choosing that no matter what - even if invalid nmea sentence, gps off etc. Built in priority no matter what you set, i guess to save you from yourself lol. People used to run both at the same time and it caused lots of grief, but now it is kind of a pain as well. Once it runs once without a valid usb port, it will remember that and use the sim.

Brian, would it not be better not having ‘sim on’ option on the menu , but instead have it in ports…use ‘sim’ or ‘gps’ with programmed rules so only one option can be selected and gps port ‘connect’ button can’t be clicked if in sim selected?

Actually no. Many people decided this way was the best way to prevent someone, when starting out to not run both at once. There used to be no end of problems where the reply was - turn off your sim. That doesn’t happen anymore.

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