Sync And Update Contour Data Between Multiple Devices

I am unsure if this is already possible to some extend, but I am looking for a way to syncronize my two win10 devices in a way that i can visually see the contours of the other machine working on the same field. Now the program saves the contour in the text files of the field folder, which led me to the idea of just sharing these files via Dropbox etc. This way it is already possible to work on a field with device 1, stop, let the data upload to the cloud, let it update on device 2 and if device 2 then opens the field the contours are there. But here is the problem, you have to re-open the field for the (e.g.) blue contours to show up.

I am not thinking about autosteer options here, just the visual data of where the other device already worked. If someone has an idea or solution, please share! Otherwise I think something to update map data continously would be a great feasture to make this work!

Have not tested two devices writing simultaneously to map.

But I do use google drive in offline mode in multiple devices to share tractor setup, and upgrade all devices to newest version at once.