Synchronizing autosteer measurements with GPS update rate

Last 2 days i’ve been trying to squeeze some more speed out of the arduino.

Using some scope triggers to measure timings on the arduino i found that the 100ms loop actually takes a bit more time than 100ms, more about 108ms with only the ads1115 activated. While at it, i also connected a probe to the timepulse signal on the F9P board, which was set to 8hz (same as gps update rate).

1 Yellow Trace = arduino 108ms
2 Blue Trace = Gps 125ms / 8Hz

One moment the GPSposition, Steeringwheelangle, heading and Roll all come in at the same time. And some moments later there can be about 50ms early/late between those readings.

How much influence would these timings make for calculating the desired steeringangle ?

And would it improve if the reading and sending off steeringangle, heading and roll where triggered of the gpstimepulse, only at 8Hz but syncronized?

AOG does that, scans for new data every 10 ms and if a new fix has arrived it will do a frame update right away.

Could do the same thing with the arduino, once new data comes in, set a flag to trigger to do a frame update. Whether that makes a difference, probably measureable but maybe not practical, would have to try.