Teensy PCB Mount

I bought a set of V2.4 Standard boards from the forum and was doing some pre testing and fitment and believe the board may not be assembled correct.

I attached a couple of pictures, the four pin female headers on the right side are a different size and seem to have different offsets. All 5 of my boards look the same, what’s normal…?

They are assembled correctly. Those are the 20+4 headers and they are a pain in the ass. You will probably have to pull off the plastic from the small header and file it down. There were some instructions in the AIO discussion

I de-soldered the whole thing and put in a one piece female header instead now it’s all perfect.

Question is, why in the world is it ‘correct’ and standard to do it with these 4 pin females?

It was how it was done for parts availability. All of the V4 boards now have the option for the 24 pin header. You don’t have to take the whole header off and replace it. It is much easier to just pull off the 4 pin header and file it down.

To further clarify, you can pull just the plastic housing off to sand the end but sometimes the contacts are still soldered in a little crooked.

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I probably could have sanded it and will try it on my other board, it just seemed too thin already.

What pins is everyone using for the long ethernet pins?