Telegram ban

Hello, I am having issues accessing the AOG telegram group. I have barely made any interaction on group aside from communicating with the sales rep for info on a keya motor. I don’t believe I have breached any of their terms of service. Each time I try to login it says my number has been banned. This ban has now lasted for about 3 months. I have tried sending telegram support emails on getting my number unbanned but no response. Any help to resolve this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I pinged the Admin on the Telegram group. Is it only that group you can’t access or any Telegram group? If it is the latter then it seems Telegram banned you. There is nothing the Keya Motor Admin can do about a Telegram-wide ban.

What’s your nickname on it? And as Chris says, are you able to join any of the others ?

No, I cannot even login into the app to view other groups. As soon as I login with my credentials it says “Your phone was banned”.

I do not recall the nickname exactly. I think it started with x followed by 4 numbers but I’m not exactly sure what those numbers were and I have no emails from telegram to refer to in order to recall that username. Very frustrating.

Not much for us to go on, but we have no power to ban phones from even logging in to telegram - take that one up with Telegram I’m afraid.

I had the same issue a while back. Message Andreas. He helped get me back on

That won’t help if he can’t even log in to telegram.

First, download the Telegram app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Next, open the app and select “Sign Up” to begin the registration process. Then, choose to sign up with your email address instead of a phone number. Telegram now offers users the option to create an account using only an email address.

Just googled…