Teltonika TRM240 + John Deere RS232 output settings


I have setup my emlid base station on the farm for my own NTRIP. I have bought a teltonika TRM240 to receive the ntrip server details.

I just need to know the settings needed for the output that goes into the JD screen.
e.g; bit rate, baud rate, parity and that sort of thing.

All wiring is done

I have a starfire 6000 receiver.


Did you buy the Mobile RTK unlock for your Starfire 6000? Without that, the 6000 won’t accept RTCM corrections, but only Deere’s proprietary NCT protocol (using a Starfire as a base station).


Yes Mobile RTK unlock is bought so that should be fine

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Hope you can figure it out! Let us know what you find.

If it’s too much hassle you might be able to sell the 6000 and buy the Agra-GPS CRG receiver (or maybe 2 for the same money). That’s the route I went with my Deere systems.