The First Unmanned Rice Farm in China

There is a video, but I haven’t registered a YouTube account yet. Let me share the photo.If you want to see all the videos, you can leave an email.


Is it actually that hard to register a Youtube account, or is this bait?

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If Youtube is banned, there are dozens of video upload sites. I understand the dual antenna, but for security I can’t see neither a LIDAR nor a depth camera, I think the recorded path is being followed, Hey Chinese here, I’m calling out to you all, give us our BNO080, without stocking up. (:


No, no, no, brother, it’s troublesome to access foreign websites in China. We can’t access Google or YouTube.I’ll try to register an account.

In fact, we have many low-cost alternatives, such as Yuanji technology in Shanghai and Lins in Wuxi.
It is indeed a recorded track, but with the control of the whole vehicle and farm implements, there is a millimeter wave radar that can detect obstacles and stop.It is mainly an integrated project, which realizes the test of the whole process of farming, management and harvesting.

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It seems that the YouTube account is still inoperable. I registered an account of a Chinese video website and uploaded a video.

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Which is wild because both those sites introduced me to Ali Express, best shopping website on the planet.

yes, Chinese engineers often contact relevant parts suppliers on Ali

Does AOG have group chat, on Twitter or Facebook?I want to make some international friends.

The fast paced discussion is on Telegram

OK ,I try.