The program cannot distinguish between day and night

the program cannot distinguish between day and night. It works in day-night mode. how can i set. Even though I fixed it, it’s back to normal.

Could you explain the issue in a little more detail?

I had an issue with night popping up last fall at random times in one of the first versions of V5

Have not experienced it since. Either something is fixed, or when I changed the setting on f9p to gps time only. Has not happened since.

gün ışığından bu tarafa, karanlıkta ise tam tersi. Herhangi bir düzeltme yapmıyorum 10 dakika sonra eski haline dönüyor.

If I read the code correctly, whether it’s day or night is calculated from your time of day and what your latitude and longitude is. So make sure your computer’s clock is set right. And if you’re using the simulator, make sure it’s set to use a latitude and longitude that is near you. Otherwise the simulator defaults to a location in Canada.

Are you using a real GPS receiver, or just the simulator?