This tablet an option?

Hi everyone, hoping to get a system up and going this year for fertiliser spreading and spraying on a grassland farm. For now a basic follow the light bar will do me but open to upgrading in the future. I saw this tablet online.
What do ye think? Will it be fast enough to run agopengps and is the screen too small?

Two most important considerations would be screen brightness and charging speed. I have a cheaper tablet and when running AOG the battery charging circuit can’t keep up with demand so slowly drains and gives up. It’s also not bright enough for daytime semi outdoor use.
I’ve got four Panasonic tablets. CF-D1’s and FZ-G1’s. They are plenty bright enough. Anything wildly less bright won’t be.

What mount do you use for the cf? My 11" barely fits in my tablet ram mount. Thanks

Try choose the brightest tablet you can find, AOG works much better when you can see it. If at all possible try to get one with 800 nits plus.

I agree with @Alan.Webb if you can find a used Panasonic or Getac with a super bright screen you will be much happier. I bought a dim Chinese one to start and ended up getting a brighter one anyway.

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Screen resolution is enough, size not really. CPU speed probably in very low end.

Brightness of 800 nits, nice to have (especially if you mount the tablet beside your steering wheel) , but 400 nits is enough when you mount it a little up (example to the right) where sun almost never hit it. Check specs and tests /reviews, but windows surface and some dell are in that class.
I use refurbished tablets :slightly_smiling_face:

For my CF-D1’s I made an MDF board that slides up into the handle on the back. Then a simple metal bracket to hold it.

FZ-G1 is very easy…


Will keep looking for one mentioned here, thanks for the help

For the CF D1 I made a metal bracket screwed into the holes in the handles, then screwed into the rear column of the cockpit. Problem that can not be rotated.


Thanks for the pics! Both look very sturdy.