Tile Mapping

Hi, I’m wondering how best to use Agopengps to map where I have placed tiles this spring. Is there a way to make a permanent record of tile locations by driving the tile lines?


Did you figure anything out?

I guess you want to record the path only, cannot record the depth afterwards. Why not just record NMEA data first, AOG should be able to do that or any simple NMEA application. Post-process the data as you like afterwards.

Set a narrow implement width (1m ?), and turn on section control as you’re driving along each tile?

That is exactly what I did. Couldn’t figure anything else out. But at least I can use map to relocate tile if needed. Just straddled all the tile lines and made a map after tiling was complete.

How did you install the tile or was it a contractor?

Very DIY. I made a tool for my excavator. Worked well, depth control was difficult in really hard ground.