Tips on running AgOpenGPS on Win 7

I have a Garmin boat antenna (GPS 24xd HVS) that I wanted to connect to AgOpenGPS. It provides NMEA output at 10 Hz. There is a local NTRIP caster only 15 km away from here that I connect to using shared wifi on my phone. I only want to use this setup for basic guidance on my old Fiat. I manage to operate it easily on my Win 10 laptop, but when I connect it to an old Win 7 tablet (Panasonic CF-H1 from a tuning setup that I got for cheap) the program hangs. I guess it may be too old, but I was wondering if there is anything that I may disable/change in order to make AgOpenGPS run using less resources?

When I was running AOG on a old laptop I had troubles caused by outdated graphics drivers and the newer OpenGL used by AOG. After I updated them it worked like a damn.

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Thanks for the tip! I think you’re right, as AgIO is running without a hitch, but things start hanging just as I start AgOpenGPS. Unfortunately, there are no newer drivers for my graphics card.

Does it work to use generic Windows drivers?

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Check the scaling.

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Is that antenna compatible with corrections?

Sorry for late answer - I used it with NTRIP-corrections from a nearby open access point.