Tool Steering a different way

So I know very little about implement guidance. From what I gather tool steering is gps mounted to toolbar and hydraulic actuator to move hitch position of tool for better accuracy? Would it be possible for those of us who dont have hydraulic hitch to use a form of differential gps were the gps on the tractor is measured against the tool mounted gps. This could push the tractor left or right depending on where the physical tool is according to the line. At the end of the day we dont really care where the tractor is as long as the tool is on the AB line. Maybe this could compensate for tools that drift naturally one way or the other.


And just place antenna on tool in place of tractors?. Maybe a little hard to tune settings but maybe a solution

I was think place antenna on tractor as fixed point…Then f9p and antenna on implement as rover. Almost like dual gps setup? Maybe my logic is wrong and this cant be done?

John Deere and Trimble are the only two commercial companies that do this as far as I know. John Deere calls it passive implement guidance, and Trimble calls it Trueguide. The way I understand it, the tractor and implement both have a receiver, and the tractor steers itself as far off the guidance line as it needs to keep the implement on the line. (Interesting side note. John Deere only offers this on their newest generation of displays. Do their older displays not have enough processing power?)

It seems doable,
1 f9p machine + 1 f9p tractor,
if the tool is shifted by 3cm, all you have to do is move the tractor line by 3cm, in AB surely quite easy to do…

Perhaps sounds easier than it actually is in practise. Relatively simple if the tool offset remains fixed at 3 cm. In practise the offset varies, otherwise one could deal with it by setting an offset for the tool dimensions. The offset shoots a lot at headlands. Fast adaptation might introduce “ringing”, slow adaptation might not be sufficient if the tool offset changes faster.

That’s what I thought, it always seems easy at first, and then comes the complications!

The receiver on the tool could then become used for implement functions such as section shut off when coming across headland etc?

What about “fusion” of implements and tractor GPS position to get vector for tractor to move outside of line to bring implement to the line and have some overshoot setting to fine tune “line offset” and how agresive its needs to steer off line to get implement close to line.

I think @BrianTee_Admin had talked about something similar years ago with mounting 2 receivers on the tractor inline…one front one back