Tool Steering again

Hi All from Australia!

I am moving from an older John Deere Autosteer and Implement Steering setup (which has died!) over to AgOpenGPS. Is Tool Steering still on the cards? Is there a way I can incorporate what has been done so far into the software now? I used to know C a long long time ago, keen to get up to speed so a good learning curve for me as well, plus I already have all the hardware ready to go.

I want to know too, I’ve got a Trimble system and I’d like to keep the implement steering if possible.

I’m interested in this topic also! @BrianTee_Admin do you have any plans to continue this at some point?

Bonjour, je suis aussi intéressé pour ce sujet. J’ai un tracteur équipé avec un terminal S7 et un volant fabriqué par kera-technik gmbh. Est-il possible de se connecter avec une tablette (AgOpenGPS) et envoyer les infos soit au terminal S7 ou directement au volant ?

Hi @BrianTee_Admin
Any chance you could share the compilable source code of the demo you had running on the bench with me please? I almost have AOG up and running on my John Deere 7280R Tractor and have a seeder bar with a steerable hitch. I’ll be starting planting in a month and have 5,000 acres to plant so can do plenty of tinkering with your code and hopefully get any bugs out. I actually built my own rudimentary auto steer system in C 20 years ago but didn’t continue with it when Autofarm gave me a system (including tool steering) to use and demo. I haven’t coded for a while but keen to get back into it now that my kids are all grown up and I have the time. Thanks mate, James.

this is all I’ve ever seen of tool gps.

Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s the only one and it’s two years old.
You can download here:

Hi everybody,
I am also interested in this subject. I have a tractor equipped with an S7 terminal and a steering wheel manufactured by kera-technik gmbh. Is it possible to connect with a tablet (AgOpenGPS) and send the information either to the S7 terminal or directly to the steering wheel?