Tool Width

Love the new GUI. Amazing amount of work has gone into this project. Thanks to @BrianTee_Admin and his band of merry helpers. This issue is definitely not critical and I may be missing something with the tool setup. Im looking for the tool width setting under tool but cant find it. Seems to be set under sections by typing number of sections by section width? I feel it would be more logical to have the total tool width under the Tool Tab, then automatically populate sections with say 12m *1 section =12 m. Then by choosing only the number of sections required eg 10 sections would then automatically populate the sections to 120cm. After which the user can edit the sections to any width. There is probably something that makes doing it this way difficult in the coding side of things.


Its hard to know what is the best way to do this. Prefilling the spinners with width/sections is something i’ve thought would be good as well. Looking to the future, perhaps the number of sections could be very high like per nozzle control where the section is 40 cm etc and would be of great benefit to have the distance per section and fill them in without any spinners at all.

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Yes, with pulse width modulation nozzles on sprayers and electric drive precision planters, section control needs to have a little flexibility in the future. I wonder if a check box where you can select “my tool has equal sections” and the spinners don’t get used as it automatically divides tool width by number of sections. I guess due to space limitations in the sections window you leave it at 12 sections. Surely once over this number of sections, most will have equal section width.


Absolutely agree. Realistically the buttons at the bottom become a nightmare as well. Like the JD pwm nozzles and others, you still have sections you can turn off which contain several individual controlled nozzles. the advantage for those systems is that is all they do so the programming is much easier to specialize it to do one thing well.