Top Field View in v6.2

Has the top field view been removed from v6.2, or am I just looking in the wrong place for it? It used to be in the main menu (three parallel lines) at the top. This is a really useful feature so I hope that it is not going to be ditched.

Also, whilst I’m asking questions on 6.2, has the button gone to switch between pure pursuit and stanley? I find I get a much better line in v5.8.3 with Stanley (despite what others seem to find) and hope that I will continue to be able to use it.


Ah, that’s solved the Stanley/Pure Pursuit mystery for me, thank you!

Any idea about the Top Field View?

Gone! Next release will have a new and improved top field view.


Thanks for confirming I’m not going mad!

In that case, I’ll keep using 5.8.3 and wait eagerly for the next release

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