Tracker jumps around - Reach M+

I would like some suggestions on how to only get the tracking portion to work for me within the AGOpenGPS application. As it stands I would like to spray only with rough GPS coordinates so I can remove the foamer on the sprayer and slowly dip my toes into autosteer. That said I have a Reach M+ which allows standard NMEA coordinates and options for RTK.
The application loses its mind when the only thing I have connected is the serial (Com port) for GPS. Its like it cant find a starting point and jumps all around. Even if I take off in one direction it doesn’t keep a straight line at all. How important is the steering angle sensor for this to work? I will attempt that next if this is an absolute must for this to work.

There’s been some talk about some of the Reach units outputting too much GPS data, much of it unnecessary for AoG and can in fact over load it. Apparently there’s a beta firmware that allows you to turn off the unneeded NMEA sentences.

I have updated the firmware on the device and it does has the same results. Do you have any other recommedations?


I renamed your title, hoping someone familiar with the Reach units will chime in. @ferrer @PotatoFarmer

Ok do you have a m+ or m2, they are night and day different.

M+ is based off the older ublox m8p, it takes longer to fix and will require you to get rtk because the position is not that stable. Its only L1 gnss. They do work but not quite as awesome.

The M2 is based off of the newer ublox f9p chip. This unit really is a stud corrected or not. But it is a L1/L2/L5 receiver. Dual band receivers are much more stable because they can gain precision from the time difference between l1 and l2, autocorrecting some of the unique path issues through the ionosphere. M2/F9P is awesome, 8mm+1mm/km rtk, all at prices that are deployable.

I responded to your pm, i think you need a ttl to 232 converter.

But its very important to also know m+ vs m2 they are different technology.

I didn’t quite understand what is actually happening, but you need the 2.26 firmware to make it work with AOG v5. Then, in Reachview, go to Position output setting and only select GGA and VTG sentences to be sent, and you have some possibility to succeed.

I have struggled a lot (with M+) to make it work and it still has stability issues. I slowed down the serial rate to 38400, maybe got it a bit more stable. Also make sure you have a good single point grounding in your setup.

My Reach unit is the M+ so it has the older technology. I will try the suggested settings and let you know what I find out.

The M+ will drift all over the place without rtk corrections. M+ takes L1 corrections, so it can take corrections from the newer M2, but the Dual band M2 will have fixing issues using M+ as base.

I used m+ in the past, they are accurate once the fix on rtk.

I was going to attempt to connect the M+ to my Verizon wireless phone. Then use public RTK correction with the Department of Transportation which is free and within 15 miles from the farm. Do you think this setup is even feasible? I know this question is more about Reach M+ and RTK versus AGOpenGPS, but there are limited resources to ask these questions!

That should be a feasible solution.

I correct my emlid currently off my cell phone hotspot. You guys with free state corrections make me envious :grin: wish we had that setup.

Thats a really nice part about emlid cellular/ntrip/wireless/usb is all built in and works out of the box.

Its a slight bit more headache getting your own rtk, but once you have it there is no substitute.