Tractor should drive a circle many times around

Hello everybody,
i have a problem. I would like to have that my Fendt 724 run a course several times in a row. Is this possible with the software?

Yes, recorded path. Top left side, the little martian dude

Thank you for your answer. That ist very good. With many systems, you can only drive the recorded path once and then have to reactivate it every lap.

I tested it. It does not work. The tracor drives one round and then it stopped. I want that the tractor drives the same recorded way many rounds. Does anyone have a solution for this?

You can record as many circles as you want, and then let tractor do those circles and return to start position.

Or set an angle in DRIVE mode and tractor will do circles until you stop it, but might not stay exactly on line. (center of circle might move over time.)

With a do while loop,you could set it to repeat until you press escape or a button or other. The button would simply set a bool to false. Coding but very doable. Or just set it in the timer tick to start again after ending.

Yes it works now with a do while loop.