Trailed implement axle + boom distance

I think it would be nice to be able to put the axle and boom dist for the trailed tool.

I don’t know precisely what must be rewritten for the curve following but this would be great even just to have a more precise painted map.
This would be a nice update with a new ABcurve calculation :wink:

Currently I put in a distance somewhere between axle and boom since I don’t use automatic section control.

Here is a post explaining the current algorithm, written by @torriem I think.

By the way, I have modified the vehicle drawing in my AOG. (only use the wheelbase as variable)
aog tractor aog harvester

Any thoughts?

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Ok, I modified the code a little, simply using the same variable than the tow tank setting.
So I now have the hitch to trailer axle value and the hitch to ramp value.
On the simulator it seem to work.
The axle can be at front, under or behind the ramp.
I wonder how the autosteer will react in real conditions with this setting.

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