Having used agogps for several years now the tramlining function is still a bit of a mystery to me. When I’m planting (3 metre planter) I use the planter control box to put in tramlines and preemergence marks every 8 passes for 24m tramlines and am quite happy with this system at the moment.

Would it be possible to get agopengps to mark up a graphical tramline on (in my case for 24m) every 8th AB line so that I know when a tramline is due? The tramline rhythm could be changeable for varying tramline widths and implement widths.

My justification for this request is that in my experience is the tramlining system on my planter works off an inductive sensor which is triggered when the planter is lifted out of work. If I lower the planter to the ground for any reason, such as refilling with seed, the sensor is triggered and the control box thinks it’s in work (unless I remember to press a button to pause it!)

Maybe this is already possible- as I’ve said I have tried using the current feature but don’t find it particularly straight forward, to me this method seems fairly simple. I usually plant with a little overlap and don’t mind a certain amount of spray/fertilizer overlap as I would rather full coverage than slight application misses ( I don’t use autosteer for these applications).

Hopefully that makes sense!

Ive not yet used the tramline function myself but would you need to change the tramlines from 24m to say 23.6m if your running say 5cm overlap (8 boughts of 2.95m)do these lines then show a different colour on the screen? Can you then nudge the lines (whatever your drill width is) one-way or the other to get them right?
@davidroberts30 might know more as he’s used the tramline function and i think took a bit of setting up

i did get it right in the end but it my errors and lack of knowledge that held me back :man_facepalming: