Tree Planter and code for relays

I need to activate a relay in the tree planter section. I’ve looked at some of the other code sections.

Can someone point me to where I might see some code where relays are being controlled?


I’ll modify the AOG-Tree to build the tree byte when planting.

Kent, this is a old thread you’ve taken care of what I needed in the topic where you’ve laid out the grid.

I realized that after I replied. For some reason this one and several others are showing up as new post.

I also have many showing up from Cquuick. I’ll Mark this solution and hopefully won’t show up again.

It appears someone is re-labelling them. And that is pushing them back to the top.

Apologies, I’ve been putting labels on all the posts in uncategorised, to tidy up the forum. Didn’t realise it would push them to the top :slight_smile: