Tree Planting Custom PCB

Hi all

I built a custom PCB for my specific application, where I added an extra motor and additional equipment to be controlled. I wanted to remove the parts that I don’t need and added my additional parts to the PCB. I am however a bit unsure if everything is 100% correct and would appreciate any help that can be given.

The basics are that I want to use Autosteer with RTK enabled to control the 2 motors. Only 1 motor will use a WAS. I attached photos of my PCB schematic and would appreciate it if someone can check if all the connections are correct and if all the components are included that I need.

Thanks in advance

I saw nothing abnormal. You use the second motor for forward backward, how are you going to control it? I may add an acs712 for this second motor, to check that it does not encounter an obstacle and block it.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the reply. I will control it with the Teensy and some extra programming. I think the current sensor is a good idea, will put it in.