Tree Planting GPS Coordinates and sensor

Hi all

I am struggling to figure out the Arduino code for the system. I did modify how the system works as I do not connect to the tractor steering, but attach the motor directly to my moving parts. There are 2 parts that I am struggling:

  1. The whole system is attached to the back of the tractor. My antenna (location indicated in red) will move with the motor. This means that the antenna will always stay on the AB line. It also means, to my understanding, that no angle sensor is is needed since there is no wheel to determine the angle on. Will I need modifications in the code to not use the angle sensor or will it be fine?

  2. I need to trigger a relay and motor and need to know the tractor speed when I get to the GPS locations of the trees. How can I trigger the relay and motor and keep it on for a certain duration depending on the tractor speed?

I hope you are able to help.
Thank you

I think you still need a linear potentiometer to know where your motor is on the track. You might still need a code modification to the angle sensor calculation I don’t honestly know.

Do you only need to position it when you reach a certain point?

The way I see it is that because the antenna and motor are constantly on the AB line, there is no need to determine the angle of the wheel (since the wheels are not the driving force).

The lateral movement stays on the AB line, but when I reach specific GPS coordinates (tree location), I want to trigger the relay and the other motor.

There is a tree plant module made by @KentStuff that does what you want.