Trimble Basestation with Ag Open System

Hey Everyone new to this and just trying to figure out a couple of things.
We currently run Trimble systems in our tractors for field leveling, so we always have our Trimble base station up. Is there any way to use that signal for Ag Open or do I need to build my own base station? Thanks in advance

AOG can work with gps from any source, provided it’s NMEA (gga and vtg), and 5 or 10 hz. A Trimble GPS receiver can send NMEA to AOG via a serial cable and a USB adapter. Note that the position will not be corrected for roll in this configuration.

If you mean can the zed-f9p work with your Trimble base station, the answer is yes if your base station is transmitting rtcmv3 and if your have a way of getting signal to the f9p via a Trimble radio. If your base station is using CMR then the f9p will not work with it.

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I will have to find out what signal my base station transmits. Thanks

If the base is not able to provide two different streams (one in RTCM V3 format), seems RTKLIB can read CMR(+) and I guess then convert it to RTCM3?

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I didn’t know rtklib could do that.

By default Trimble seems to be CMR+.

Mosaic septentrio receiver seem to be able to use CMR+. sell them as well as Ardusimple. They are more expensive than F9Ps though.

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Is your Trimble base station dual band L1/L2?


Sorry haven’t had a chance to look at it trying to slam the last of the crops in the ground. I will take a peak at the basestation tomorrow and find out. Also thanks for the videos in the Stieger that’s the reason I’m trying Ag Open

Does this answer you question?

This is a pretty modern base it should work well with F9P. It should have RTCM3.2 as an output option.

It may also be able to create multiple different correction stream types simultaneously.

The reason I am putting may/should is Trimble likes to sometimes put basic advertised abilities behind a paywall with an unlock code.

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Im pretty sure that it is paywalled, I cannot change anything with rtcm on my base station. And I gave you a model we don’t have anymore, we have an AgGPS 542, but it’s basically the same thing. I’m sure that it is cheaper to build a new base station. Does anyone have any tips on building a radio base station and how to configure AgOpen for radio

I might be able to help you with that. What radio solution are you looking for? Industry standard is UHF in the 900mhz range. You can buy off the shelf radios for this purpose, but they’re quite pricey. Maybe Wifi or ESP Now could be an option. What’s your max transmission range?

Digging into the manual it looks like you have all the options including your own NTRIP caster on board.

see page 67 of the manual

Use the I/O Configuration menu to set up all outputs of the
AgGPS 432/442 receiver. The receiver can output CMR, RTCM, NMEA,
GSOF, RT17, or BINEX messages. These messages can be output on
TCP/IP, UDP, serial, Bluetooth, or radio ports

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