Trimble Ez Steer Motor

Does anyone know if using only the Trimble Ez Steer Motor is compatible with AgOpenGPS? More specifically can the Motor be controlled with either the Cytron or IBT2 controllers?

Already answered, no because it use can bus

But. If you take it apart and find that the motor, after the CAN controller, have only 2 wires, you should be able to run it with cytron or ibt_2 to those 2 wires. If the motor is run with more wires is most likely a stepper motor, which can not be run with cytron or ibt_2. I guess as I don’t have one


DC servo motor (with quadrature encoder ) faster of stepper motor , use after controller 2 wires on motor and 4 or more wires on encoder.

link dc servo motor

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Yep you should be able to use the EZ Steer motor. See this post:
AgOpen pwm output and existing bang bang hydraulic valve - #7 by wwfarm

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Configuration EZ-Steer:

good job with Cytron md13s

Interesting! So those other three wires are probably an encoder of some kind? I was under the impression there was CAN bus wires in that db-9 connector, but it appears on yours to be a completely analog system. 2 + wires, 2 negative wires, 3 encoder wires.

Maybe it’s the EzPilot that’s canbus but my EzeeSteer was also just straight DC input.

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Did not happen to find a model number or stamp on it?

le SN:K0743A0105

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Just for future reference, here’s the db-9 pinout:

1,2 - Motor +
3,4 - Motor -
5 - unused
6 - encoder 5v
7 - encoder ground
8 - encoder channel A, open collector
9 - encoder channel B, open collector

(Viewing a thread - ez steer motor pinouts)

Since I already have one on my swather, the recent thread got me thinking about using AOG in the swather with the existing EZ-steer motor again. Wouldn’t need the encoder if I measured the steering wheel position.


If your wheel motor slips you will have your WAS center change over time. That will make using the EZ encoder a challenge unless you can re zero on the straightaway in software.
Just ordered some Ali rotary hall sensors hoping these will make swather WAS easy.

Right. That’s why you don’t need to use the encoder on the ez steer at all. Just put the was on the steering wheel or mechanism like was described in the other thread on the swather.

Are any of you still using an EZ Steer? I am trying to use one and can’t get it configured, and the old images are no longer viewable.

I am. What do you need to know?

What are your settings on Proportional gain, Max, Min, and Low? I tried using the settings Brian suggested in his YouTube video as a start point, but it acts like its way out of whack. Also did you do the Cytron back feed prevention modification shown in the Support files?

If I get started on the line it will follow it decently for a few seconds. then it starts to swing farther and farther from the line. After correcting for an error, it looks like it doesn’t start steering back straight until it has gone past tthe line. So it starts to just weave really badly.

Ive got 2. One in an old spracoupe and one in a case magnum 215. I’ll check settings tomorrow morning for you. The magnum was really easy to set, the coupe was really difficult.

Do the cytron mod, it’s worth it. Don’t forget to hook up the red wire.

Pp or stanley steering?