Trimble fm75 rtk questions

I am new to this forum and i hope i have posted in the correct forum.
I am currently running a Trimble fm 750 with ezsteer motor.
It has an rtk modul that the previous owner used.

In need of more accuracy because of poor gps signals in certain fields i have been
looking into rtk.
Is it possible to make a base station and what parts would be the best.
I also wish to build a complete auto steer with hydraulic steering ( tired of a steering wheel motor.)
The auto steer is a long term project because of a rather busy work schedule this summer.
Thanks in advance for any good advice.

I don’t think it will be possible to use that radio with the kind of radios that we usually use here.

Instead of that radio, the FM750 is able to receive RTK corrections over serial on one of the back ports. You could use a serial-Bluetooth adapter and then use an app on your phone to grab the RTK corrections off the internet. Search Lefebure NTRIP app.

You can make your own base station using a ublox F9P, broadcast the corrections to a free server like RTK2GO. That’s what your phone would point to.

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I did not think so either but it was worth a shot.
Had a look at the rtkfree page and it looks like a good option.
A base station is most interesting mostly for the possibility to share a signal locally.’
Please correct me if i am way off:-)

RTK still relies on the same satellites. If you are losing GPS signal because of trees and terrain, you will still lose signal when using RTK.

Except perhaps if moving from FM 750 to F9P or the like. This Trimble is an old GPS + Glonass only receiver, F9P with four constellations may support RTK where FM 750 struggles with any fix.

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My thought is that a rtk signal will be a quick fix long enough to build a new system.
It is waas egnos that has been used if i remember correctly .

Since the screen is unlocked for RTK, that is what you should aim at. Accuracy would be as good as it can be but you have to try your fields that cause trouble.

On SBAS (EGNOS or WAAS) the receiver is working on GPS only. On RTK you would gain from Glonass satellites. On the other hand, RTK needs more satellites and at a better SNR.

Are you sure the current issue is poor GPS signals, not poor SBAS? Depends a bit where you are but SBAS satellites are geostationary and appear at very low elevation if you are far to the north (or south). Any trees towards south may then block SBAS even if GPS birds were fine.

If it was only part of a field, loss of SBAS should not matter if it is a reasonably short interruption. RTK would be much more sensitive for correction signal interruptions.

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i am situated quite far north so the treeline does affect the quality in some parts.(60` north. Norway).