Trimble GFX - RTKBase - RTK2go issue

I have my own Basestation on RTKBASE connected with RTK2GO. My MountPoint is GRYacentY

Today I had tried to provide my rtk2go account as correction provider for Trimble GFX.
I put domain, port, email as user account
Provided mount point by: GRYacentY

And trimble does not see mountpoint.

Does anybody use rtk2go with trimble and own base station?
How to set it up?

Agopengps connects with this data to rtk.
Does trimble gfx750 needs something more?


Maybe 1007(30)

how to provide 1007 to rtk2go and to the RTKBase?

In your string you already have. 1004(1), 1005(10), 1008(10), 1012(1), 1019(3), 1020(2), 1033(10), 1042(3),
1046(2), 1077(1), 1087(1), 1097(1), 1107(1), 1127(1), 1230(30)
Put it between 1005 and 1008

ok, but how.
Where are the seetings for the RTKBase? I do not see any settings for GPS.
Do I need to get f9p, connect it to laptop and program it somehow with ucenter?

or, maybe the data set provided by domain, port, user, mountpoint should be provieded in different way?

I Know pniels made it work for trimble.

Edit. But for newer trimble, this link suggest it need activation. Export RTK-corrected GPS data to RS232 serial port

how do You provide rtk2go server? By domain or by IP?

My base Hvej12 does not support trimble.

I think Pniels made this base for new trimble type receiver. PNRTK (Also on RTK2GO ) You could check out his base settings there.

Work Without any spécial configuration on rtkbase. Just ADVNULLANTENNA on 1008 message

how have You set it up?
caster: domain or ip?
password: empty or NONE?
mountpoint exacly like in rtk2go?

can You share link to Your rtk2go basestation?

password : 1111 or 1234 just somthings
username: valid email
mountpoint exacly the same as rtk2go
is yous trimble gfx750 open for RTK?

Hi, thx.
I did not provide pass.
Yes my trimble is rtk unlocked, i used official Polish rtn network provided by government. Is working from August 2023.

I will check this dummy password

Checked today.
Provided password for - “NONE” and works fine