Trouble getting NTRIP corrections over Iphone

The last 2 days I have been unable to get corrections over my phone. I connect to the the state RTK site but I am not receiving the corrections. I can get them if I connect to the house network. Problem is I need to go farther than 300 ft from the house. I’m using 5.7.2 on UDP.

There’s been some people reporting their carriers have activated some sort of firewall(?) that blocks it. Maybe use a VPN like zerotier to connect to home Internet and tunnel through that way?

i had some problems to. I worked with a network provider that somehow blokes the ntrip signal here in the Netherlands which was apparently a known issue. I bought a tablet with a build-in router when i changed some network settings it started to work again, the only problem is that this network settings arent avalible on a smartphone. when using a router or something you need to change your APN settings to IP-type IPv4 that seems to solve the issue.

I found when I used my phone as hotspot, that AOG was no longer able to connect to RTK station. Yet, over wifi in house, it was fine.

Turns out, my tablet was deciding on an IPv6 default gateway, easily solved by disabling ipv6 on tablet.


I had disabled IPV6 also with no joy. We had switched carriers this winter and got a unlimited data plan. Unlimited does not include hotspot. So, data isn’t data after all. Upgraded plans and alls well but my pocketbook. Any way they can figure out how to charge!

There’s always a catch and an extra fee with those business.

I’ve been using Iowa Ntrip corrections over bluetooth and hotspot the last 2 days with no issues.