Tuning question 7810

I just finished installing this system and am having problems tuning.
The steering seems to keep wanting to oversteer to the left and right until it way out,
If I have the P “high” it already starts to bound when parked and just jogging the 5 deg in the steer menu.
I have the 0 on the w. A. S. Set good and the count per deg I think close as well.
I have the Ackerman adjusted.

But it seems unless I drop the P really low it doest seem to help.


I calibrate my engine starting with PG = 1
There I was increasing the Min PWM, if it does not have the necessary force or speed there is when you increase the gain, once the Min pwm is correct, you can choose the High Max PWM for Uturn, below the error of 5 degrees you adjust the Low Max PWM for smooth movements.
I think that is the correct way to do it.

PG = 1
You increase the Min PWM until your motor moves, if the maximum does not move, you raise the PG.

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in addition do less optimistic with high value in the setting

gain; set to 5 or 10 and increase step by step… and other after

normally target is the red line folow and never exceed green one
in the video we sse clear wave around the target …

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Perhaps it is your Fix to Fix distance that is too short, and that causes AOG to make those big changes of desired steer angle.(green line jumps) and steer motor is trying hard to catch up.
If green line is not almost straight, tractor can´t drive straight

I will look into this, any idea what a good distance is to start?

Between 2 m and 4 m (4 is max)
Be aware there are 2 places that connects to the fix to fix. Look ahead is for PP and fix fix counts for stanley (look in Data sources /Heading)

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Thanks for the tips,
Seems to me something else is wrong. But I need to do some more testing.
I set the pg to 1 then up’ed the min pwm till the moter turned, that seemed to be ok, but as soon as I up’ed the pg to 3 it was going over the green line and over steers.

I hope to spend some time on it tomorrow but maybe I need to take a closer look at the w. A. S, I thought it was set up nicely but I have been wrong before.

Think I will see if I can find some videos on Youtube,

Mine was doing that and I backed counts per degree down and it settled right down. Had one that I had to increase to get it quiet.

My guess is that your counts per degree is way to high.

I think the opposite, counts per degree too low, but your problem should be in counts per degree configuration. Change that and you will see a great improvement.

Well if you tell to the system 100 counts is one degree, it goes 100 steps if it want 1 degree of angle… if the cpd should be 25, you’re steering wheel will turn to 4 degrees… that’s why I said it was way too high… if cpd is set to 1, and you need an angle of 2 degrees the steer will turn until the WAS has reached the zeroed value + or - 2 depending on which way the system wants you to go.

In the end:
CPD too low, steering gets lacked
CPD too high, steering is very aggressive

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