Turn Around outside the field boundary

I am working on some testing for a system, and I would like to plant up to the field boundary and then turn around outside the field boundary using a u-turn and then start planting again as soon as I hit the boundary.

Is there a slick way to do this using auto uturn?

rather set your field larger than actual on aog, and used, set your headland to the boundary of your field.

Why would you not farm a space big enough to turn the tractor?

Are you trying to leave the headland bare? Or cross the road to turn on the neighbors pasture

The boundary is made to keep you inside, and is the trigger point that makes the U-turn work.

Use a drive through internal boundary. Just make a box around the bit you don’t want to seed. I have a paddock with a road like this. Uturn goes to the outer boundary. In my case the road isn’t as wide as I’ve set the headland though.

Unless I am mistaken I cant use bing maps to determine my headlands so I was hoping for a border solution but I can make this work if thats what I need to do.

I have 3 fields that are inside my larger pasture. They are about 60 yards wide and very long. Each spring I remove the 60 yard fence and plant the fields. Then in the winter I open them up to the cattle. I can turn around in the pasture and not hurt a thing nor loose any acreage. Better overall utlization.

With a bit of code edit it will draw and attempt to uTurn out side of boundary. It still wants to shut the U-turn off when the boundary is breached. But you can edit and make it work. Easy way is to draw the boundary past you 60 m fence the length of your u-turn circle.

Thanks. I can play around some more. If my boundary is past and I place a headland it should turn around and stop playing at the headland. That would be ideal. I obviously don’t have headlands in this situation but I have some ideas.

I will have to check in simulator, but I think you can force a turn outside the boundary manually using the screen buttons.

Confirmed, drive straight through the boundary then press the manual u turn button