Two track WAS and steer settings

Just wondering if anyone has successfully got aog going on old school two track tractors ?
I’ve kind of got it going but having to do a lot of fudging to get it going okay.
Has anyone got it all set up and running well ?

Which tractor?

I’m testing on a JD 8320T without a WAS. The Teensy just sends a constant “center” WAS value and outputs a steering command according to the error. In my case, I’m using a quad DAC to electronically spoof the factory steering wheel sensors to make the tractor think I’m just turning the wheel manually. So it’s a little different then with a steering axle, I need to constantly output a steering command to maintain a steady turn so having a constant steer error while turning works correctly for this tractor.

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I have an 85D Cat challenger. As the steering wheel always returns to the same place when let go , I e just got the WAS set up off the steering wheel, so far this part works okay.
It sounds like you are much more advanced with any of the setup of this. My question is what settings do you use in aog ? Ive currently go mine set as front steer axel tractor as what’s worked best so far.