U-blox Universal GNSS W10 update

i m facing to new update of W10
the com port of F9P move to “sensor” like this
so AOG doesnt catch the Com Port beacause it disapear


i search but i havent solution yet

maybe here but not sure! Com problem after W10 Upgrade - ArduSimple
COM ports disappear after latest Windows 10 update and how to fix it - ArduSimple


Merci je tente…

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Thanks a lot thats work

so need to do
remove the device by righclick
refrech the device manager
remove the device ( and the driver as the same time )
and un plug and replug the USB cable

You need to roll back the win 10 driver for a older one. The latest win 10 drivers move it from Ports and puts in under sensor, so you don’t get a COM number

Thanks it works now !

yes need to remove the driver for

W10 upgrade :dizzy_face:

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