U center issues

The message view does not match what is shown in all the tutorials I have found. I have updated the firmware and it appeared successfully. Then I added the configuration file, but then I cannot expand the ubx category. Am I once more doing something wrong? I cannot do the following because those options appear unavailable.

• Go to Menu Bar > View > Message View
• Find the message UBX-CFG-CFG
• Select “Save Current Configuration”
• Click “Send”

In message view UBX is grayed out and has no expandable tree. This seems to insinuate that it is not connected, but I seem to have a GPS fix of some sort. Also the little connection icon is green.

This still seems confusing to me, and generally I’m not the dullest bit in the box, so I will continue to update this as I (very slowly) figure it out. It appears that that tree is not under message view as most tutorials insinuate, but rather under menu bar > view > configuration view. Then the third option down is CFG, which then looks like the tutorials. I am using a single gps module and hoping to also send out specific NEMA sentences required by a precision planting 20/20, via the TX2 pin so that will be what I address here hopefully.

configuring the zed f9p · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards Wiki · GitHub ?

That is one I was trying to follow. It reads like you save current configuration in message view, but that is not the way it is in the version of u center I just downloaded today, or the one on a different machine a few weeks ago. The only place I have found that option is under the configuration view.

I think you are correct. Configuration view is where you send the setting to save them. Message view is just to see what settings and firmware etc. you have loaded.
I have had things greyed out in configuration view that shouldn’t have been. I had a cheap usb cable once and i had a tablet that was just slow and didnt update the page until i touched one of the greyed parameters. Then it would turn black and populate.

If you [double] click on UBX anyway, it will still open up. Does for me anyway, even though it looks grey and inactive.

You can get into configuration either through the message view UBX->CFG, or by opening the configuration view. Both should show you the same thing.

You did download ucenter 22.07, yes?

Yes. 22.07 is the same as previous versions as far as layout goes. Messages view->UBX->CFG is the same as the “Configuration view.” Just double click UBX to show the tree. It looks disabled but it’s not. Strange quirk of u-center’s UI and operation.