U turn issue with

Anyone else have this issue? Less than halfway through the Uturn it looses the Uturn path and angles off to the line. Sometimes if the angle is too steep it tries to continue in the same direction (out of bounds) just on the next line. See picks.

Have you tried 5.8.0.yet?

At what speed? And how sharp? Does it continue without turning off autosteer?

Could be angular velocity setting Angular Velocity Adjustment

I have the same issue but in reality the tracor do th uturn quicly /the tractor probably slip
so AOg cancel the Uturn because it will be out of the Uturn line

by reduce the speed it will work

you can also increase the diameter to be less optimistic

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Just saw it after I posted. I think my biggest problem is going to fast and getting to far off and the uturn disappearing.

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Ive had the same thing happen, however despite the pink line showing the u-turn path disappearing the tractor would still complete the u-turn just fine. Haven’t had a chance to try 5.8.0 yet myself to see if it’s still the same or not.

I was always using the shortest approach settings because I thought it would make a smaller turn… I wonder if it would follow better with longer approaches.